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MVP Disc Sports Proton Deflector / 5 | 3,5 | 0 | 4

23,00 €Cena
  • Deflector – One of the favorites here at OTB, the Deflector is one of the best midrange utility discs on the market. With a super flat and beadless feel, this super overstable midrange can handle any power you can put on it forehand and backhand. The Deflector has the normal gyro overmold technology that all MVP Discs have. It is one of the most overstable discs in the MVP lineup, more overstable than the new Pyro from sister company Axiom, the two make a great pairing. If you need a disc you can crank over on forehand and have it fight out and not cover a ton of distance, the Deflector is perfect for you. Great for low shots that have huge flare skips and great for shorter spike hyzers.

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