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Axiom Discs Eclipse 2.0 Envy / 3 | 3 | 0 | 2

23,00 €Cena
  • Eclipse 2.0 Envy – The best glow in the game is now available in one of the best putters in the game. The Eclipse 2.0 Envy is here! A slow, overstable putter than can handle power of all skill levels. The Envy is a disc that you can throw hard and get a nice straight flight with a moderate amount of fade. It is less overstable than the Entropy, but still plenty overstable for a putter. They have plenty of glide for a putter of its ilk and will be sure to find its way down lots of fairways of the tee. A gyro disc, like all of Axiom’s discs, this putter is meant to have a weighted outer edge to give it better gyroscopic capabilities. Test out an Envy and see what you think of Gyro discs and their best selling putter. Grab an Eclipse 2.0 Envy today and crush your glow rounds.

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